Product Testimonials

-The bench cover is a perfect product for me and my wife who travel to different gyms and have to deal with slippery, sweaty and most likely unclean benches. We can protect ourselves from slipping while benching and possible other unknown germs that can’t be seen from years of use in the general public. We also use it at our home to protect our own bench padding to keep it like new. Look forward to years of use from the Bench Cover.

Kevin M. Smith

-I got a chance to try The Bench Cover at the UPA Michigan State meet this past weekend and had a fantastic experience with it. I’m 350 pounds of sweat and body hair so it’s pretty hard for me to get a good setup on a slick bench. In the warm up room we used it on the old benches there and were able to get a great setup on them. On the platform, even with the sweat from a whole flight of lifters I got flawless setups for all three of my attempts. I drive my legs HARD and got two attempts over 900 in without any issue. I’m definitely planning on purchasing this just to bring to meets so I don’t ever have to worry about trying to warm up on a crummy bench-

Barzeen Vaziri

-The Bench Cover is perfect for someone who finds themselves benching at commercial gyms often, a gym owner trying to protect a bench pad, to fix a slippery bench pad, or as an alternative to completely reupholstering a worn out gym pad. It's easy to take on or off, doesn't move, and will keep a lifter planted on the bench. Other products out there only cover a small portion of the bench which only fixes half of the problem. Since The Bench Cover encompasses the entire pad, there is absolutely NO movement when benching!

Jeff Petack