The Bench Cover Crew

Tim Hensley works in business sales and has been a competitive powerlifter/ strongman competitor since 2003. He is the 3rd lightest man ever to bench 800 plus pounds equipped in competition. He also currently holds three drug-tested, open, world equipped bench press records in the 181lb, 198lb, and 220lb weight classes. He won the prestigious Arnold Classic "Freaks Of The Bench Press Championship" in 2016 and also won the first ever "Last Man Standing Bench Press Competition" in 2012.


Andy Axtell an industrial painter has competed in powerlifting for 4 years and recorded a 474lb squat, 280lb bench and 501lb deadlift with a 1255lbs raw total. He has competed in Highland Games, enjoys outdoors activities such as hiking, camping, and climbing. 


Aaron Sarnovski a firefighter/ paramedic has been lifting weights since he was a teenager and has been involved in Powerlifting since 2012. He has competed in the 165lb and 181lb classes both raw, and equipped.  To date in competition his best lifts are a 675lb squat, 430lb bench and 605lb deadlift.


Alex Gordon an apprentice tradesman has competed in powerlifting for three years and has recorded a 1330 raw total with huge 700lb multiply squat! Alex holds multiple junior, national records as well as a world record.